Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Social Studies

We have a very limited amount of time left in our year to teach social studies. There are many important and interesting subjects that we will not have time to study. Look at the list and let me know which one you would be the most interested in studying.

1. Revolutionary War
2. Our First Government
3. Westward Expansion
4. The Industrial Revolution
5. Slavery
6. The Civil War

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Report Card

Have you ever been upset about your report card? Explain why?

Have you ever done poorly in school on purpose? Why?

Framed in Fire

Peter's has issues with his step father. Name some of the problems and any suggestions that you might have to help the situation.

Describe how this reminds you of "The Lightning Thief".


If you are reading Swindle, you know that Griffin Bing finds an old baseball card of Babe Ruth. What do you know about Babe Ruth?

Also, what do think of Griffin and Ben's friendship?


How are you enjoying the DARE program?


Let's hear your opinion on the Fablehavern book I'm reading aloud. Are you enjoying it? Any predictions on what might happen next?

MAP Testing

Well, you've now completed your first week of MAP testing. How do you feel about the test? What did you find easy and what was hard for you? How do you feel about the science testing that you will participate in soon?